Tusa Beautiful For Words

My partner in all things Experience Sicily, Evelina Buttitta, who took this photo yesterday, spent the weekend at this breathtaking spot, Tusa, on Sicily’s north coast in Messina province, just west of Santo Stefano di Camastra. Not only is its sandy Lampare Beach recognized for the its environmental protection and sustainability programs, but the Hotel Atelier sul Mare, where Evelina and her husband stayed, is an outstanding contemporary art museum-hotel. Each room is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

The Hotel’s companion experience is the Fiumara d’Art, a dramatic sculpture garden housed in the Tusa riverbed. Evelina said for lovers of art, staying in Tusa is a must. We’ve had clients stay here in the past, but now that Evelina has experienced it for herself, we’re bound to program it for our custom Sicily itineraries more often!

We’ve been there and we are always seeking out new experiences, accommodations, guides, and excursions to share with you, and that’s why you want to experience Sicily with us!

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  1. Beverly Watrous says:

    Hi Allison, We are leaving on a trip to Sicily and the toe of Italy the end of the month for 3 weeks. Made these plans last August 2017. We didn’t know about you until June when I met your mother at JE joint effort. Want to ask you about weather in October and Clothes to bring. Three weeks seems Hard to pack for. We are four couple going and I read your blog everyday and talk about your blog often. Promised my friends I’d write you about weather in October and what clothes to take. Wish we knew about you before but hopefully another trip for our family will be in the future. Thank you again. Enjoy your own trip coming up. Beverly


    1. Hello Beverly! Yes, I’m sorry that I couldn’t have helped you plan this magnificent trip! Below is a past posts that should help you get started–three weeks is hard to pack for for, but I think if you plan to dress in layers you’ll be fine. You’ll have everything from summer-like days where you can swim in the sea and wear sandals at night to rainy days when you’ll need a light jacket.


      Although this is for summer, you are going to still have summer weather, so that’s why this is relevant.

      Plan on days in the mid-70s and evenings in the mid-60s, with a colder day mixed in. Because I don’t know your itinerary, it’s hard to say exactly because the island has many microclimates–so Palermo’s weather versus Agrigento versus Siracusa are different. Accuweather.com’s extended month at a glance forecast can help.

      I hope this is helpful! Buon viaggio!

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