Happy New Year from Experience Sicily

Happy New Year! Buon anno! I wish you and your loved ones peace, joy, and good health for 2018!

Just as our lives are ever evolving from year to year, so with each eruption, changes Etna’s landscape. There is much to learn from observing this volcano in Sicily–she teaches us that nothing is permanent, and having a strong foundation is essential to supporting life.

After 1600 days of posts about travel in Sicily, I am taking a break from publishing this week while my husband and I move between homes/offices. The additional time will help me set up my new domain and prepare my foundation to continue to provide you with images and information about Sicily for many days to come.

Thank you for all of your support and interest on this virtual tour of Sicily. We will continue to experience Sicily together again after the Epiphany.

Warm wishes and many blessings,


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  1. Happy New Year Allison!

    1. Thank you! You too Rotwein!

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