Eyes and A Dagger

Santa Lucia is often identified with eyes on a plate, a dagger, flames or a torch, and a palm. This image is from the Duomo in Siracusa. Eyes on a plate to remind us that the beautiful maiden’s eyes were either gouged out by the Roman soldiers or she did it herself to make herself unattractive to the pagan to whom she was promised in marriage–but then… when her body was being prepared for burial, loved ones found that her eyes had been restored!

A dagger that symbolizes how the Roman soldiers finally killed the virgin martyr. Flames or a torch to remind us that she went deep into the dark Catacombs of Siracusa during early Christian times to feed the poor and hungry who took shelter there. And a palm to illustrate her victory over evil and her martyrdom. Her story is inspirational. More about that in an upcoming post.

Please join us in New York City next Sun., Dec. 10 at 2PM at Cacio e Vino restaurant to celebrate the Feast of Santa Lucia! Your reservation includes a four-course traditional Sicilian menu with wine, tax, and gratuities included, a short concert by music duo Villa Palagonia, a presentation about the cult of Santa Lucia by Experience Sicily, and a raffle of various prizes.

Reserve your spot at the table at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/celebrate-la-festa-di-santa-lucia-saint-lucy-tickets-40074891078

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