A Faithful Maiden

Under the ancient Roman calendar, December 13 was the shortest day of the year: the winter solstice. Under our modern Gregorian calendar, the solstice in 2017 falls on December 21. In Sicily, December 13 is still recognized as a celebration of light, when they celebrate the Feast of Santa Lucia, the patron saint of the city of Siracusa, of the blind, and, as her name implies of light (lux, luce). Santa Lucia–Saint Lucy, in English–lived during the late 3RD century C.E., when Christians were being persecuted under the Roman Empire. After having a vision of Sant’Agata of Catania, who cured Lucia’s mother, the maiden’s secret Christian faith become unwavering, and the she promised her virginity to God….

More about Lucia, pictured here in her chapel in the Duomo of Siracusa, to come!

Please join me in New York City next Sun., Dec. 10 at 2PM at Cacio e Vino restaurant to celebrate the Feast of Santa Lucia. Full details and reservations at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/celebrate-la-festa-di-santa-lucia-saint-lucy-tickets-40074891078

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