Light Up the Dark

Please mark your calendar to come celebrate our shared light in New York City on Sunday, Dec. 10 at 2PM at Cacio e Vino, where we’ll have a full luncheon with traditional Sicilian dishes for Santa Lucia, a presentation about the Patroness of Siracusa, and a short live concert of traditional Sicilian songs. Reservation and ticket information at Celebrate the Feast of Santa Lucia (Saint Lucy) on Eventbrite.

As our daylight time gets shorter here in the northern hemisphere, I yearn for light. Recognizing that shorter, colder days are part of our annual life cycle, helps me get through this time of year. So does gathering with friends and family, familiar and unfamiliar–in a way, they (i.e., you!) are “sources of light!” If we lived in Sicily, we would create such energy by celebrating the patron saint of light, eyes, sight, and wheat, Santa Lucia or Saint Lucy. December 13 is her feast day, significant because before the Gregorian calendar was installed in 1582, under the Roman or Julian calendar, December 13 also marked the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year.

Join us Dec. 10, and together, we’ll light up the darkest time of year.

Celebrate the Feast of Santa Lucia (Saint Lucy) on Eventbrite

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