Sicily Tours and Sicily Travel: An Invitation

Owner of Experience Sicily, Allison Scola enjoys a cannolo (singular form of cannoli) in Palermo.

Sicily Tours and Sicily Travel with Experience Sicily

Let’s experience Sicily together!

… A photo of me in Palermo last month, enjoying my last cannolo of the travel season, and hoping to tempt you into joining me next year!

Travel to Sicily with Experience Sicily in 2018

Experience Sicily on a Small-group Tour in 2018

May 24 – June 5 – Myths & Mysteries of Sicily
Discover Sicily through a performance of live, world-class theater in an ancient Greek theater, a hands-on cooking class and market tour, discussions about Sicily’s ancient gods and goddesses, guided walking tours by local experts, and so much more.

June 29 – July 8 – Ancient Italy: A Cultural Journey through Campania & Sicily
In partnership with Feast on History, this multigenerational tour will explore the art, myth, and food of Campania and Sicily.

September 13– September 20 – Stirring Sicily East
Delight in hands-on cooking classes, wine, and interaction with locals


Contact us about your dreams of travel to Sicily and joining us on a Sicily tour!

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