Can You Hear The Bell?

There is a phenomenon in Italy called, “Campanilismo,” a term that derives from one’s devoted patriotism to the land and people within the sound of one’s own church bell. So, before you are Italian, you are Sicilian. And before you are Sicilian, you are Palermitan. And before your are Palermitan, you are from your neighborhood–La Kalsa, for example. So, when a young person from Taormina, where this church bell is, requests to study abroad during high school, it’s a big deal. Rebecca is a 16-year-old from Taormina who likes sports, listening to music, and cooking. She is seeking, through Education First: High School Exchange Year, an opportunity to study and live in the United States.

If you and your family think you could host Rebecca starting this September through the end of the school year in June, please reach out to Pat Galfano, EF’s local coordinator, at 914-715-4202 or You’ll not only be giving Rebecca a gift, but your family will be receiving one too, in the form of cultural exchange.

I hope that rings your bell!

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