I Am Always Inspired 

When in Sicily, I am on top of the world! It’s been a very busy and inspiring few days: Intense and full! I apologize that my posts have been inconsistent… With me acting as driver, guide, tourist, and always explorer, looking for new and phenomenal experiences for our clients, I simply collapse as soon as the day is over. We’ve had so many remarkable moments! Here, Jennifer Stigliani Bowen photographed me soaking up the energy of contemporary Sicilian sculptor Lorenzo Reina’s Teatro Andromeda sculpture theater when we we hosted on Friday by Val di kam in Santo Stefano Quisaquina, in Sicily’s Sicanian mountains. Meanwhile, today is my birthday, and I’m going to enjoy being here every second … Soaking up the island’s energy to bring it home to New York and share it with you! 

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  1. Claire walsh says:

    So excited to see you enjoying your special day in all the ways you love, in a place that brings you so much joy!

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