Hands-on For Joseph 

We had a fantastic afternoon making bread loaves for St. Joseph’s Day! Thank you to Cacio e Vino for hosting us, and thanks to everyone who attended! Now, join us next Sunday, March 19 in NYC at Cacio e Vino for our Prix-fixe lunch to celebrate St. Joseph’s Day!

Full menu featuring traditional feast cuisine, live music presented by Villa Palagonia, and artisanal products from Sicily for sale by Gelsomino Imports 

RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/celebrate-st-josephs-day-in-new-york-city-with-a-prix-fixe-lunch-tickets-32217554573?ref=estw 

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  1. What a beautiful meditation – braiding bread. If I had a windfall immediately, I’d be there for the Sunday celebration. And meet Niki (your chocolate dudette!) of Gelsomino Imports??? <3

    1. Yes, very meditative. I’m going to make more on Saturday for Sunday’s feast. Try it Dana! You’ll really appreciate the ritual of it. When we meet, we’ll do this together. 🙂

  2. It’ll happen someday, sure of it. Right now, hard times. But I’ll move past it and return to the beauty of life I experienced daily, pre-illness. Been way too long. Thanks for your encouragement and for your offerings of beauty every day, Allison. <3

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