The Irish have Patrick, Sicilians have Joseph. Celebrate Mar. 12 & 19 in NYC

Each day I spend in Sicily is intense. When I’m here, I don’t stop. I sleep only a handful of hours, and then, I’m back on my feet to absorb more. There is something very profound that drives me–very similar to when I write songs: I am a vessel to communicate to you what I am discovering. That’s where Sun. It’s March 12 and Sun. March 19 come in. I’ll be back in New York to host two events celebrating one of Sicily’s most important holidays, St. Joseph’s Day. To give you perspective, what St. Patrick’s Day is to the Irish, St. Joseph’s Day is to Sicilians. It’s a family holiday of thanksgiving that we can experience together. (Note the Holy Family image from my friend Sebastiano’s home in Castelveltrano.) Join me, and you too can be Sicilian for the day(s)! SUN., MAR. 12, 2PM: Hands-on Bread-making (RSVP: ) and SUN. MAR. 19, 2PM for the Prix-fixe Saint Joseph’s Day Feast (RSVP:

SUN., MAR. 12, 2PM: Hands-on Bread-making
Join me at Cacio e Vino restaurant in New York City to experience Sicily through an afternoon of bread making.

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SUN. MAR. 19, 2PM: Prix-fixe Saint Joseph’s Day Feast

Prix-fixe Saint Joseph’s Day Feast

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