Your Bread Tells a Story

Bread is a complex subject. Not only in Sicily, but around the world. But here, I’m just going to focus on Sicily. Along with my client Norman, when we traveled together for Enchanting Sicily 2015, we had a running commentary about the different style of breads from town to town within Sicily. The texture, the color, the type of grain used, the shape, the use of sesame seeds or not, how savory or how sweet. All of this is determined by the earth that grew the grain, the milling process, the water used, whether or not the baker put a spot of olive oil (or some other oil) in the dough, and how much they kneaded it. The oven used and how it was heated (coal or wood, and what kind of wood). The temperature at which it was baked. The factors are infinite. 

It is a fascinating study, if even you are just paying attention to it when you take that first glorious bite upon sitting at the table. So, my advice to you, is take a moment and pay attention to your bread. It tells a story about a place, just as wine might or a new friend in the piazza. 

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  1. I love Sicilian breads – the flour is completely different – so flavourful! I’d love to try the black bread in Castelvetrano again!.

    1. Yes, the tumminia makes Castelvetrano’s bread very special. mmmmm!

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