Stirring Sicily, Day 7: Sheep to Me with Love

​This morning, we started our final day of Experience Sicily’s Stirring Sicily trip (in cooperation with Zest and GoSicily with help from Gelsomino Imports) with a visit to a sheep farm in Salemi. Five generations have raised sheep here, where they milk the animals and produce DOP status cheeses. They follow strict guidelines and raise their sheep on fava beans, orzo, and hay they also grow themselves. We not only met “the family,” that is, the family of sheep, but we spent the morning with the father, son, and uncle as they made the pecorino cheese and ricotta. Folks, there is luxury, and then there is remarkable… And eating cheese, fresh, immediately as it comes out of the hot cauldron, that is unforgettable. So, yes, we tasted the proud Cucchiara family’s fortunes. And boy, are we fortunate!

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