For Maximum Gelato Savoring 

How do you like your gelato? What’s your favorite flavor? I like mine in true Palermitano style: in a sweet roll, or brioche, as served here. Here’s why I scream for brioche con gelato! As I learned from a waiter at a gelateria off of Palermo’s Piazza Castelnuovo, the brioche’s form–that is, a woman’s breast–encourages you to nurse your favorite flavor of the heavenly frozen dessert just as a newborn suckles her mother’s breast. This presentation of the brioche stuffed with the gelato requires focus and concentration therefore resulting in maximum gelato savoring. Now, tell me how you like yours! (My favorite flavor, by the way, is pistachio.)

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  1. Claire walsh says:

    Leave it to the Italians to creat this dessert!

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