Only the Nuns Know

Only the cloistered Cistercian nuns of Agrigento’s Monastero di Santo Spirito know the secret recipe for their special sweet couscous. I’ve now eaten it a couple of times (You can too, if you come with us for our Savoring Sicily tour in September!), and I can tell you that I tasted pistachios, chocolate, and of course, sugar … could there also be ricotta? Certainly, candied fruit for decoration. But what else? Hmmm…

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  1. Oh no, I didn’t know that!! Actually, I have stayed at the monastery for one night, and loved their mandorla, or almond biscuit, served for breakfast! So their cous cous must be good as well! I wish I could join the tour!!

    1. Mmmmm … almond biscuit! That must have been divine. Did you enjoy staying at the monastery? What was it like?

      1. I expected something more but the offer rooms like a b&b…. I should have asked them so that I could look around the monastery!

  2. Henry Barth says:

    Visit their website. They have 11 rooms as B&B.

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