The Road Less Traveled


Often the most memorable moments of our Experience Sicily tours are those that we didn’t plan, but we allowed to happen. That’s the beauty of a small-group tour: flexibility! For example, last September, Sebastiano, our local guide and driver, took us through the Nebrodi Mountains. First of all, the scenery was stupendous. Not many people get to see how spectacular the mountains of Sicily are (Secondly, there are wild horses and boar in that wilderness!)! Furthermore, when people requested to stop, we stopped. A pit stop and an espresso sounded like a great idea.

The next bar we came upon, we pulled over, and before you knew it, the owner was picking tomatoes from his garden and slicing them up for us (He was proud of his tomatoes!), and then picking figs off the trees for us to eat. The juices were dripping down our happy faces. So, after a little salt on this one pictured, followed by an espresso … after 30 minutes with our new friends, we were on our way. “Next time,” he said, “You’re all invited to lunch at my house!”

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On Day 9 of our Experience Sicily Savoring Sicily Tour (Sept. 22-Oct. 4), we’ll be doing a similar drive. Contact me to secure your slice at

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