Agrigento’s Almond Blossom Festival


Agrigento has been abuzz in celebration of the annual arrival of the almond blossoms. 2016 is the 71st year that the city, famous for its Valley of the Temples UNESCO World Heritage Site, has held a variety of events recognizing the merits of the almond, the principal crop of the region. Among the events of the Sagra del Mandorlo in Fiore (Almond Blossom Festival) has been the annual international folklore festival, when folk music and dance groups from around the world come to share their performances and compete for folkloric glory.

Last weekend was a celebration of Slow Food, and over the next few days, from March 4-13, the MandorlaFest continues with that tradition as chefs and nuns and grandmothers bring their best recipes that feature almonds and marzipan (sweet almond paste) in order to compete and share their sublime sweets.

We’ll be enjoying food and wine during our May Experience Sicily small-group tour with Chef Melissa Muller! May 19-31, 2016, join us!

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  1. Wow, all these festivals for fruits of the land. I have never heard of an Almond Festival – fabuloso!

    1. They go all out for this one too!

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