Our May 2016 Tour, Day 4: Palermo’s Markets


Going to the market to purchase the day’s freshest ingredients is an institution in Sicily. On Day 4 of our May 19-31, 2016 Experience Sicily with Chef Melissa Muller tour, we’ll be exploring Palermo’s open-air, foodie’s paradises right alongside the locals. You’ll see bright yellow lemons, emerald green fennel, and wrinkled dates. You’ll smell earthy fresh breads in all shapes and sizes and aged cheeses from sheep, goats, and cows. You’ll bite into crispy rice balls and have soft panelle (chick pea fritters) melt in your mouth. You’ll hear the fishmonger chanting the names of what he’s got on ice and the butcher proudly singing about his juicy racks. The markets are symphonies for the senses, and Melissa and I can’t wait to take you there!

Contact me today at AllisonScola@ExperienceSicily.com, and I’ll answer all of your questions about this unique tour–the first couple to contact me will receive $600 off!

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  1. Claire walsh says:

    Allison, you bring Sicily to life in all these beautiful photos! You will give folks the tour of a lifetime!

    1. Our mission is to do just that Claire! We want our guests a remarkable, life changing experience.

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