Sicilians Fill My Heart


After traversing Sicily yesterday, I spent today in Castelvetrano (Trapani Province) with my good friends Sebastiano Chiofalo and Niki Masino, the owners of Gelsomino Imports. It has been the last full day of this adventure, and the theme that keeps filling my heart is the immense generosity of Sicilians. I know I’ve mentioned this before; however, it cannot be emphasized enough: Sicilians’ hospitality fills my heart and their warmth has showed me how to be a better person. Case and point is that another dream I’ve had was realized today: Sebastiano Chiofalo arranged for us to visit the museum of ritual bread in Salemi. The “pane” pictured is from the museum, and it is one example of the beautiful “loaves” created for the Feast of San Giuseppe . It’s also an example of how my heart feels after 9 days in Sicily having been hosted by my family and friends and tourism colleagues. I’ve mentioned a few of these amazing people along the way, yet there are so many more to tell you about. Well, when you come with me and Experience Sicily, you’ll get to meet some of them for yourself.

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