“The Caravaggio” in Palermo


I had another amazing day in Palermo today. I spent the sunny morning touring the Kalsa district, which I’ve walked through many times, but today I was with our local guide Sebastiano, who took me to see “The Caravaggio.” I say, “The Caravaggio,” because there is only one in Palermo, or I should say, there WAS one in Palermo; however it was stolen in a heist in 1969 never to be seen by the public again. The loss has been a thorn in the side of those who minded the Oratorio of San Lorenzo, which commissioned the “Nativity” in 1609.

But this just in! Palermo has been abuzz the past few weeks. Because of the wonders of modern technology and some very ambitious painters, Caravaggio’s “Nativity” has been beautifully recreated and hung in the original’s place. I was forbidden to take a photo of the new piece, so the best I can do is show you the sign of the oratorio… or you can come with me on our Savoring Sicily tour in September, when you’ll be sure to see this beautiful work with your own eyes.

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  1. Claire walsh says:

    You are so fortunate to have seen the Carravagio Nativity !!! I would love to see it, as I have read The Heist by Daniel Silva, a fictional account of the theft of the painting and attempts to retrieve it. Carravagio was not fully appreciated during his lifetime, but his paintings have endured. Bravo !!!

    1. Yes, very fortunate and I look forward to bringing our guests to see it to. It’s an extraordinary place and story!

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