Sicily Surprise


This was the package for my recent U.S. supermarket purchase of grapes from California. Sicily calls to me wherever I am!

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  1. Do you ever consider moving to Sicily? Or staying several months?

    1. Dana…*sigh*… I hope to make it a habit to stay a few weeks at time. As one might guess, there are many factors as to whether that is possible. 🙂

  2. I know there’s a lot to consider. When I think of going to Buenos Aires, I think of staying 3 months to see if it’s working out for me. If it is, then I catch a ferry to Uruguay, get my passport stamped, and go back for another 3 months. It’s a big change. There are a lot of ex-pats living there. But I can’t imagine that would be true in Sicily. English, peanut butter, all that nonsense!!! 🙂

    1. How’d you know about the peanut butter!? That’s what I bring my cousin often, that and maple syrup.

      Yes, many things to consider, but really I want to live in both places. I like your plan!

  3. I read ex-pat blogs and the Americans always write about craving peanut butter. That’s when I found out how uniquely American it is. And the maple syrup is perfect – also likely very American! 🙂

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