The Arancina of My Eye


Let’s talk about the lighter side of the traditions for the Festa di Santa Lucia: Arancine! Yes, this ball of gold is a masterpiece of Palermitano wheat-free street food, and Sicilians of the Conco d’Oro take their arancine very seriously on Saint Lucy’s feast day.

The fried rice balls stuffed with beef ragu, peas, and caciocavallo cheese are eaten with much fervor in the shadow of Mount Pellegrino. Home cooks even compete for the honor of being awarded the best “home cooked” arancine (My cousin Patrizia was garnared the prize two years ago.).

This beauty pictured was the orange of my eye back in September while I toured Il Capo market. (Note: the word arancina is a play on arancio, or orange, in Italian.) It was the perfect combination of crunchy on the outside and creamy, soft rice with gooey cheese on the inside.

Join us on Sunday, December 13 in New York City! Experience Sicily is partnering with Eolo Seasonal Sicilian Kitchen for a special afternoon feast celebrating Santa Lucia. We’ll enjoy traditional dishes (cuccia and arancine), live music (by Villa Palagonia), and a lecture-discussion about the feast (led by Allison Scola).

Gelsomino Imports will be on hand with artisanal products from Sicily, so you can also get some Christmas shopping in!

Price is $75/person for unlimited food and wine, tax and gratuity.

Please contact Eolo to reserve your place. Call: 646-225-6606

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