Almost Ten Years Later


In 2006, I sang on a float in the New York City Columbus Day Parade. At the end of the parade route, I came upon a folk group from Sicily, who I couldn’t resist talking to. On 69th Street, I met Giuseppe Mazzarella from Trapani, an award-winning singer and sports medic for the Trapani soccer club. We struck up a friendship immediately, and after some years, re-connected on Facebook. Last month, when I was in Trapani leading the Experience Sicily tour, Giuseppe (fourth from the left) came with his wife and friends to our hotel to visit us. We spent the evening recounting our meeting almost ten years ago, and then Giuseppe graced us with (acapella!) a number of well-known Italian songs as well as one he’d composed himself in Sicilian. For me and my guests, it was an unforgettable and charming visit! Giuseppe is a fantastic singer and now, an even dearer friend!

Grazie Giuseppe per una serata incantevole e per la nostra amicizia!

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