Enchanting Sicily, Day 9: Ascending Etna


LIVE from Sicily! | As we ascended Etna today to learn about and taste Etna wines, we saw chestnut trees, lava slopes, and grapes still on the vine. We tasted three or four varietals and enjoyed a long lunch of information and… delicious local sausage made from wild, black boar. Thank you @etnawineschool for a memorable day! | Enchanting Sicily tour, Day 8

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  1. Sounds delicious and delightful! So curious about the wild black boar sausage – wow, that must be very tasty & wild! 🙂

    1. Henry Barth says:

      I had some yesterday at U Dammusu restaurant in Chiaramonte Gulfi. Tasty, but mild and not at all ‘gamy.’ The restaurant is recommended.

    2. It is so tasty! And when you add pistachios to it…. Yum!

  2. claire walsh says:

    Sounds like a wonderfully cultural day in Sicily. How fortunate to be there!

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