Enchanting Sicily, Day 3: Wise Guy, The Answer


LIVE from Sicily | Today we visited a beautiful olive orchard in Castelvetrano, Case di Latomie, where they produce superior quality olives and olive oil under the Centonze brand. Dear readers, earlier this month, I posed the question asking how old you thought this tree is. First, note that the earlier photo was taken in early April when I was here. Today, I took this photo, and our “wise guy” is in full fruiting glory! He’s almost ready for the harvest of his Nocellara del Belice variety of olives–that is, the crop that are meant for eating. Those olives in the orchard meant for pressing into oil, they will be harvested in a few weeks. Allora… How old is this tree? I learned today that it is 1200 years old! That is amazing, really! I have to review answers across all the channels that I distribute these articles and let you know who guessed the closest age. Check back here for the name of the winner! | Enchanting Sicily tour, Day 3 | NB, in the US, you can purchase olives and olive oil made from this tree and orchard from Gelsomino Imports, LLC.

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