3 Feet, A Head


When in Sicily, you’ll see the “Trinacria” everywhere. The three bent legs are attributed to the triangular shape of the island, which in Greek times was called Trinacria. Originally, at the center of the legs was the head of the Gorgon Medusa, a depiction you’ll still find today; however, equally prevalent, and what appears on the official flag of Sicily today, is the head of a woman that is donned with, instead of snakes, stalks of wheat, as a nod to Sicily’s fertile land and its devotion to the goddess of the harvest and of wheat Demeter (Greek) or Ceres (Roman). The peculiar position of the feet, at right angels, could be attributed to the position of the arms in depictions of the ancient Carthaginian goddess Tanit, who was worshiped in Sicily’s western regions in pre-Christian times.

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  1. When I visited Sicily I wanted one so bad but was afraid it would break. This is the prettiest one I have seen yet. I will get one when I go back. Thanks for the little history lesson, very interesting.

    1. Many people have been commenting (on Instagram and Facebook) how much they like this one! Me too. It was for sale in Cefalù.

  2. Note the three fico d’india cactus at the top. 200 years of Spanish rule brought all sorts of plants and foods from Spanish colonies in the Americas. Tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, etc. The lemons are Asian in origin. Sicily is a crossroads.

    1. Yes! That’s what makes it so fascinating. Thank you BoatsHenry Barth!

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