Arancina: I Shouldn’t Have, But I Did


Last week, I featured the Catania-style arancino. Well, this evening upon returning to Bagheria, since I had yet to have a Palermo-style arancina on this trip, I indulged. Here you can see that an arancina is truly shaped and sized like an orange, but isn’t one! Hence the name… arancina. It’s not an orange, but looks like one, so we’ll just change the name slightly, so you get the idea. Now imagine biting right into this, one-handed like an apple! That’s why this is considered street food. To answer your question: Yes, it was delicious! But more importantly, the experience was the right mix of crunchy shell with melt-in-your-mouth rice, ragu, peas, and oozing caciocavallo cheese.

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