The Fountains of Ortigia


In the center of Siracusa’s Ortigia Island, in Piazza Archimede, is the Fountain of Diana. In 1906, Italian sculptor Giulio Moschetti (1847-1909) designed and constructed the modern, yet Baroque-feeling work featuring the goddess of the hunt, wild animals, moon, and childbirth, i.e. the Roman Diana or Greek Artemis. Also present in the sculpture scene is the nymph Arethusa, a devotee to Diana/Artemis with her own story–and fountain, on the other side of Ortigia. Stand by for Arethusa’s story in a future post. 

(Photo Credit: Experience Sicily’s Evelina Buttitta Rubino)

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  1. A stunning photo (thank you, Evelina!) of a really grand fountain. I feel as if I could sit there for hours and watch it. Entrancing. This was a truly inspired artist/sculptor!

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