Let’s Get Wild


In the spring, wild fennel grows throughout Sicily’s mountainous regions. It’s on the side of the road, in orchards under olive trees, in fields… It seems like everywhere you look, within a few meters, you’ll see it. When it’s young, it possesses a wonderful anise or liquorice scent and flavor. On Sunday, in the Madonie-mountain town of Blufi (Palermo Province), they are celebrating the Sagra del Finocchietto Selvatico, or the Wild Fennel Festival. The day’s activities include a panoramic mountain bike tour, a guided visit to their Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Oil (led by high school students of the town), folk music and dance, a photography exhibit, and of course, “degustazione” of finocchietto… a tasting of all things made with wild fennel. Hmm… since I can’t be there, I think I’ll pull out the jar of wild fennel pesto in my cupboard for tomorrow’s dinner!

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  1. Brian Walsh says:

    The color of fennel is so vibrant in spring. It is a wonderful cultural tradition to honor the seasons and their offerings with these local festivals.

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