Bronze Treasure


This bronze statue of a young man was found in the Contrada Galera necropolis of Sicily’s southwestern archaeological site Selinunte. It is dated to be from c. 460-450 BC. I was thrilled that I was able to see it in Castelvetrano’s Museo Civico because I’d only read about it and saw photos of it in books. How amazing to have now seen it in person! According to the book “Sicily: Art and Invention between Greece and Rome,” this statue is particularly important because although Sicily’s museums contain many small bronze figurines, standing mirrors, and vessels, this statue, which is 33.5 inches tall (85 cm), is the “only surviving large-scale bronze [from the Greek era] that can be securely associated with Sicily.” Scholars believe that he is “pouring a libation with his right hand.” (Getty Publications, 2013)

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    Yes, it is truly beautiful. It is just wonderful that this precious art has been recovered and that it gives us a glimpse into Sicilian culture during that time.

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