You Might Think You’re in Tunisia


In the town of Castelvetrano (Province of Trapani) in southwestern Sicily, we ate house-made couscous at Annaba, a local trattoria in the center of town. Castelvetrano and the region around it are heavily influenced by the culture and art of north Africa, as exemplified by the designs of the tiles on the restaurant’s walls. Looking at the colors and designs used, you might think you are in Tunisia.

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  1. Love the designs on the tiles and the colors!

  2. says:

    The actual tiles, which I saw with Allison last week, are even more beautiful! Sicily is a must!!! The influence of the Moors is everywhere. Such a wonderful amalgamation of cultures!


    1. Yes, Claire, it is a must on your list of places to travel to!

  3. When I get a transplant, THEN I can travel!!! Waiting and trying to find a live donor for my craptastic liver. It’ll happen. Then, watch out, world!

    1. Yes! It will happen! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

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