What a Pesto!


Each region of Sicily has a pasta dish that is typical of that region, and the province of Trapani boasts Busiate alla Trapanese. Busiate is a corkscrew shaped, long pasta that looks almost like the tight ringlet hair of your five-year-old niece. Today it’s made with a special pasta machine, but years ago, the ringlet shape was created by wrapping the dough around a stick equivalent to a knitting needle. Busiate is not commonly found in other parts of Sicily or Italy. Nor is the “pesto” with which the locals dress the pasta. Il Pesto Trapanese is made with ripe tomatoes, garlic, almonds, olive oil, fresh basil, salt, and pepper. Different from the well-known Genovese style basil pesto, the stars of Pesto alla Trapanese are ripe red tomatoes and fresh almonds.

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