Sicily’s Hot Table


If when in Sicily you are on the go and looking for something hearty to eat, stop into a “tavola calda” or rosticceria (Literally, “hot table” meaning cafeteria or rotisserie). There you will find “Pezzi di rosticceria” or according to my cousin Filippo, “Pezzi” for short. Pezzi (pieces) consist of pizzette (small pizzas), calzoni (pictured here, literally “big socks” because they are stuffed breads), spiedini (meat on a skewer), arancine (rice balls), ravazzate (stuffed round buns)… the list goes on. All are savory and made with prosciutto, mozzarella, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, salami, Béchamel sauce, and more. OK, now, it’s time for lunch!

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  1. It is past lunch time here and reading the descriptions and looking at the photo only served to remind me further of that fact! Lovely ideas for lunch!

    1. Looking at these again is making me hungry again!

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