Arts Streets


This weekend in Monreale, the city celebrates “Le vie dell’Arte,” a festival that features the fine art treasures from the city’s museum. Instead of the works being inside however, this Saturday and Sunday, those works have been brought outside on to the streets and into the piazzas for all to enjoy on Piazzetta Arancio, or “Landscapes Street,” Piazza Santa Caterina, or “Portraits Street,” Piazza SS. Trinity, or “The Street of Still Lifes,” Ingresso Monastero dei Benedettini, or “Street of Abstracts,” and Antivilla Comunale, or “Monreale Artists’ Way.” In addition to the works of art, visitors can enjoy partaking in arts and crafts, local gastronomy, and live-painting parties as well as engaging with street performers. This photo is of the stupendous Monreale cathedral’s bell-tower.

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