Does It Make Me Palermitana?


Today we were in Palermo, and we experienced StrEAT Tour Palermo. Here I am with our magnificent host and guide Marco. I am stuffed after eating arancine, panelle e cazzilli, sfincione, pane ca’ meusa (yes, I ate the infamous Palermitano spleen sandwich!!), and gelato con brioche, and drinking local “sangue” wine (blood). Oh, my. At the end, Marco marked up my Passaporto del Mangione; meaning I am a true Palermintana street food gourmand.

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  1. This is true Food Porn! And what an adorable selfie – oooh, Marco is a cutie! When I got to gelato con brioche, I wanted ice cream so bad I could taste it. You look ecstatic, Allison. 🙂

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