Villa Palagonia: Long with Fascination


Villa Palagonia’s main driveway is now lined with residences and businesses. But in the 18th and 19th centuries, the long approach was lined with hundreds of statues–now dubbed monsters–that fascinated and frightened visitors.

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  1. How fascinating! Are the monster statues still intact and able to be viewed? My eyes went straight to the statues on either side of the gate.

    1. I’ll be posting photos of them little by little. They are best enjoyed one at at time. At once, they are overwhelming.

  2. You had an earlier post about a statue at Villa Palagonia (Villa Palagonia’s Strange Beautiful). That came up as related so I looked at it. Is that one of the monster statues you’re talking about? Oooooooh!

    1. Yes! They are wild. At one time there were 600 statues throughout the gardens and grounds. Now, sadly, only 71 remain.

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