Villa Palagonia’s Hall of Mirrors


Villa Palagonia’s Hall of Mirrors (The ceiling is covered in mirrors, hard to see here because they are very old and most don’t reflect much any longer.) was meant to make you feel a bit uncomfortable. The Prince’s idea when he built it in the 18th century was to show his guests that life was fleeting, and that from one step to the next, everything can change.

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  1. What a beautiful room. I like when architecture reflects a concept, especially this one where life is fleeting from one step/moment to the next. Very Zen. It must be very moving to stand in and walk through this hall.

  2. Dana, It’s a fascinating place–this ballroom, the gardens, and the thoughtfulness of the decor throughout the villa. The Prince of Palagonia was a thinking man–and he succeeded in provoking his guests, even those of us hundreds of years later!

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