Masques For Carnevale In Sicily

Buon Martedì Grasso! Happy Fat Tuesday! Today marks the final day and pinnacle of Carnevale, a topsy-turvy, days-long party of letting go, hidden identity, and mischief that has been celebrated since ancient times. Today’s Carnevale is observed similarly to our American Halloween–children dress in costumes that they plan for weeks and adults attend parties during…

Endless Vineyards In Trapani Province, Sicily

Live from Sicily! I just keep falling further in love with Sicily… Trapani Province woos me with its endless vineyards, olive groves, and wheat fields. Sweeping mountain views and turquoise sea, busiate pasta and textured couscous, overstuffed cannoli, magnificent beauty, and excellent hospitality. What a heartwarming way to close this trip! Alla prossima!

Best Wishes To Cantina Quattrocieli

Cantina Quattrocieli in Alcamo, Sicily, a winery I visited in September (pictured), reported that they tasted their novello (new wine) for San Martino, and they are happy with the results thus far. For the young wine makers, who are still growing their business and perfecting their craft, this is wonderful news! Bravi e auguri!