The Breezy Sea

Today we felt the wind in our hair and the sun on our faces as we glided on a boat on the Tyrrhenian Sea along the coast of the Lo Zingaro (The Gypsy) nature preserve. It was cooler than usual for this time of year, but that didn’t stop us from swimming in the coves…

You In A Sicilian Saddle 

I arrived in Sicily this morning, and meanwhile, one set of our clients in the region this week (We have three families traveling separately following custom designed itineraries,) was experiencing rural life with the locals, thanks to our friends at Val di Kam who sent us this photo. I love getting emails and texts from…

Commune With the Countryside

Join me… On September 27, we’ll be in the Sicilian countryside communing with the shepard and his dogs… If they let us… Sheep dogs are very protective!  Contact me for the full 8-day, multi-sensory itinerary at  PS, I arrived this morning in Sicily! Follow me here for my current adventures.

Savor the Sauce 

We’ll be getting into the tasty details on September 26 in Sicily. I know you’ll savor the sauce that we’ll make in our hands-on cooking class with Annalisa of GoSicily! Contact me at for the full, 8-day, multi-sensory, small-group tour itinerary (September 23-30, 2017). 

Feel Like Royalty 

On September 25, you could feel like royalty when you step into the world of the Norman kingdom in Palermo. Join me for our 8-day, multi-sensory, small-group Enchanting Sicily tour… We do all of the planning so you can feel like a princess or a prince! Contact me at for the full itinerary. 

On the Tyrrhenian Sea

Feel the wind in your hair upon a boat on the Tyrrhenian Sea as you dance along the coast of the Lo Zingaro (The Gypsy) Nature Preserve … The sun could be shining on you on September 24 … Contact me at AllisonScola@ExperienceSicily for the full small-group, 8-day, multi-sensory tour itinerary. 

Sip and Savor 

Slowly savor Sicilian wines during your first evening in Sicily with a wine tasting and dinner pairing … Experience it on September 23 … Contact me at for the full, 8-day, small-group, multi-sensory tour itinerary. 

Sicily Vacation 

Like an accountant during tax season, I have been a travel professional before the summer travel season: very busy! Today, though, among all of the planning and details that Evelina, Madeleine, Giulia and I are working on for our clients traveling in the next month, I took some time to schedule my own vacation in…

The Whites of Their Eyes 

Do you see the fervor in their faces? It’s real. It’s authentic. It’s a true moment of Sicily many won’t see. However, you can experience this ritual for the Madonna del Lume up close with us at Experience Sicily on Day 12 of Savoring Sicily, September 22-October 4.  Claim your spot in the church by emailing me…