In Cerda, Sicily Artichokes, Artichokes Everywhere

Live from Sicily! We mingled with the locals yesterday during the Sagra del Carciofo (Artichoke Festival) in Cerda, Sicily. Food, food, food… Music, dancing, shopping… Artichokes served every which way! Then, an afternoon in the enchanting Cefalù. It was la Festa della Liberazione. Liberation Day, recognizing Italy’s triumph over fascism after the second World War….

Say It, You’ll Like It

Carciofo (or carciofi, plural) is one of my most favorite Italian words to say. It sounds and feels like when you are chewing, (Car-Chiey-Oh-Foh) which is why I like it. It means artichoke. And well, in Sicily, spring is artichoke season! Artichokes pervade every market right now, and you know what that means–there are artichoke…