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Carciofo (or carciofi, plural) is one of my most favorite Italian words to say. It sounds and feels like when you are chewing, (Car-Chiey-Oh-Foh) which is why I like it. It means artichoke. And well, in Sicily, spring is artichoke season! Artichokes pervade every market right now, and you know what that means–there are artichoke festivals throughout the island! This Saturday in Cerda, province of Palermo, they are celebrating the 34th annual Sagra del Carciofo with many folk music bands (one almost every hour), dance ensembles, and even a karate exhibition. And of course, there will be lots of dishes and condiments made with artichokes. Say it… Car-chiey-oh-fo! And like me, you’ll be there in spirit. (These artichokes were prepared by my cousin Salvo for our lunch in Bagheria on Pasquetta.)

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  1. Antoinette McSharry says:

    Dear Alison, I love your daily photos and comments on the gorgeousness of Sicily. Carciofi are one of my favourites too – however the pronunciation is Car-Cho-Fo – no mention of the “i” at all. The “i” is in there because if it were not, it would be pronounced Car – Co-Fo.
    One of the intricacies of Italian – same as Ciao – pronounced Cha-o, not Chia – o.
    Hope you find this helpful and not interfering. Roll on the lovely daily posts!

    1. Ciao Antoinette! I’m so glad that you are enjoying Experience Sicily. Thank you for your feedback! Yes, I agree with you, the “i” isn’t so strong when you say carciofo. The “O” certainly has more weight; however, there is a diphthong, and I didn’t want to ignore that. Needless-to-say, it’s a word that brings me joy to say, and for many, it’s a fantastic food to eat! Now, let’s dream of being in Sicily together at today’s feast! Grazie mille e tanti baci!

  2. says:

    Every day is a delight with your new entries!!! And the artichokes are just so wonderful to eat! Thank you, Salvo!

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