Photography Tour Of Sicily, Monday Evening, February 13

The Sicilian cart maker’s shop, Ragusa Ibla. Join me and Don Toothaker of Photography in Sicily for a Visual Tour of Sicily on Monday, February 13 at 7pm Eastern online! Register for this complimentary event at And read our February 2023 newsletter at

Exploring Ragusa Ibla

Yesterday, I spent a splendid morning exploring the secret staircases and hidden alleyways of Ragusa Ibla. I was imagining what life must have been like when these viccoli where traveled more regularly by residents. After climbing dozens of stairs in out-of-the-way sections of town, I sat in the Piazza Duomo enjoying this lovely view of…

Mystical Ragusa Ibla, This Spring, With Experience Sicily

Ragusa Ibla captures one’s imagination. And for good reason. This beautiful baroque, yet ancient city on a hilltop, possess a mystical sense hard to explain. Over the past 20 years it has evolved into one of Sicily’s hot destinations, perhaps because it is one of the “sets” of Vigata, the fictional home of Inspector Montalbano….

52 Reasons to Love Sicily | #50. Inspired, Creative Accommodations

Over the last ten years, Sicily’s tourism industry has matured and grown, and the amount and diversity of accommodations available to tourists is abundant. In a city like Ragusa, for example, right here in the old town of Ragusa Ibla, there exists everything from Locanda Don Serafino, an historic hotel with luxurious rooms furnished inside…

The Faces Of Power In Ragusa

The faces decorating Ragusa’s Palazzo Bertini send a message. The palace, built in the late 18th century in the style of the Late Sicilian Baroque, sits on the road marking the dividing line between the old, aristocratic Ragusa Ibla and the new, up-and-coming city of Ragusa–in other words, the line between old money and new….

People Watch In Sicily

People watch, find a sanctuary, and take a stroll in the Giardino Ibleo, Ragusa Ibla’s picturesque public garden. Walk to the other end from the garden’s entrance for magnificent panoramas of the Hyblean countryside. It’s one of many beautiful public gardens in Sicily and my favorite. Other major ones are the Villa Comunale in Taormina,…