Mystical Ragusa Ibla, This Spring, With Experience Sicily

Ragusa Ibla captures one’s imagination. And for good reason. This beautiful baroque, yet ancient city on a hilltop, possess a mystical sense hard to explain. Over the past 20 years it has evolved into one of Sicily’s hot destinations, perhaps because it is one of the “sets” of Vigata, the fictional home of Inspector Montalbano. Its UNESCO status draws attention to it, certainly, yet so do outstanding restaurants like Locanda Don Serafino and Il Duomo, artisanal boutiques boasting Sicilian-inspired crafts, clothing, and accessories, and churches that reign over limestone hillsides and stunning piazzas.

This spring, we’ll be here twice: during April’s Spring in Sicily tour and May’s Enchanting Sicily tour. Join us at Experience Sicily! Learn more at

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