Discover Eastern Sicily With Synchronous Chocolate Tasting

Let’s eat chocolate from Sicily while dreaming about traveling there! Join Experience Sicily on Tuesday, Aug. 11 at 7PM Eastern for an online presentation about Sicily travel with a synchronous chocolate tasting. Sign up for Zoom meeting is complimentary. The artisanal chocolate (As is made in Modica, as in this photograph I took last summer.)…

Start The Day With Dessert

LIVE Day 2: Experience Sicily 2018 Stirring Sicily East tour with Zest! (Lititz, PA) and Chef Nino Elia in Modica, Sicily… Today, we were with loveSicily, where in our cooking class, we learned about the centuries-old traditions of chocolate making specific to Modica. How awesome to start the day with dessert!

Sicily’s Modican Chocolate

You may be aware that chocolate, or at least cocoa, came from the Aztecs, a great civilization that for centuries before the end of 15th century, dominated what is modern-day Mexico. When the Spanish colonized Latin America, they brought the cocoa bean and an ancient form of chocolate (called Xocoatl, a drink) back to Europe….