Crystal Clear Seas

A coastal excursion through Lo Zingaro nature preserve will inspire your soul to sing! On our Experience Sicily May 2019 Myths & Mysteries of Sicily Tour, you will immerse yourself in Sicily’s natural beauty–those crystal clear waters will seduce you. Learn more at Experience Sicily.

Rich With Porcini

Pappardelle pasta with porcini mushrooms served at Taverna al Paladino in Taormina; Porcini mushrooms are in season right now, especially in the region of Etna, where locals have been foraging in the forest for mushrooms for the past few weeks. Savor Sicily’s culture, cuisine, and history with us next year! When you reserve your spot…

Inhale Sicily

I want you to inhale Sicily, and a boat trip through Lo Zingaro nature preserve will enable you to do just that–and dive in too! Not only is such an excursion nature-powered, but you’ll also learn about La Mattanza, the ancient tuna fishing ritual that was practiced in these waters for generations. On Day 11…

On the Tyrrhenian Sea

Feel the wind in your hair upon a boat on the Tyrrhenian Sea as you dance along the coast of the Lo Zingaro (The Gypsy) Nature Preserve … The sun could be shining on you on September 24 … Contact me at AllisonScola@ExperienceSicily for the full small-group, 8-day, multi-sensory tour itinerary. 

You Have Arrived

This sea arch, known as the gateway to Lo Zingaro nature preserve, will greet us during our leisure boat trip on Day 2 of Savoring Sicily, this September 22 – October 4, 2016. From our catamaran we will not only be able to see pristine Mediterranean coastline, but also we’ll also have the opportunity to…