52 Reasons to Love Sicily | #49. Swim Off A Boat In Turquoise Seas

Give yourself the kiss of fresh air rushing through your hair and the sweetness of cobalt waters enveloping your body as you jump off a catamaran into the Tyrrhenian Sea. Lo Zingaro Nature Preserve in northwestern Sicily is just one of many places where such deliciousness happens. Enjoy the stunning coastline from the water as your skipper plays groovin’ tunes on the stereo and serves up the local pane cunzato sandwich (a simple combination of crusty fresh bread with extra virgin olive oil, oregano, a slice of tomato, and a sliver of sheep’s cheese — and an anchovy fillet?) with some local vino for lunch. Then it’s back to the breezes, sunny deck (or shaded, depending on your preference), and a dive into the refreshing waters once again. A perfect day.

(Location: Scopello)

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