Wine Can Transport You

I brought this Etna Rosso back from Sicily in July, after staying at the vineyard where it was produced. In addition, Experience Sicily’s Evelina Buttitta has been staying at the property’s agriturismo in Linguaglossa on Etna the past two nights with friends. So, it was wondrous that I was able to bring Scilio Wines’ Orphéus…

Wine Connection

Connecting people to their heritage in Sicily brings me great joy, and this weekend I was thrilled to be able to connect two sisters to Sicily, this time through wine. They explained that their last name is Aitala, and asked if I knew how they could purchase the Sicilian wine of the same name. Well,…

High Tech Vintage

Once wine grapes are harvested and pressed, the juice is brought here to begin the fermentation process. Today, wine making is very high tech. The wood barrels are still important, but they come later. First, however, stainless steel, temperature controlled, light controlled, and closely monitored containers create the liquid that becomes the wine we love….

White & Black

The area around the crater of Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano, sports a black lava surface. So, when it snows like it did last week, as shown here, the contrast between the white powder and the hardened, black lava is stunning.