Holding Court in Siracusa

The Duomo of Siracusa represents layers of history. The foundation–both base and walls of the structure–is an ancient, Doric-style Temple of Athena, built in the 5th century BCE (Once inside, you can easily see the columns of the Greek temple!). During the Byzantine age in the 7th century CE, the temple was converted into a…

Sicily Sets the Stage

Today is an important day in Sicily, when all eyes are on the arcipelago during its election for the regional president. Analysts say that the results of Sicily’s elections today could be a measure of Italy’s political climate for its national elections slated for March 2018.

Conservationists at Work

Conservationists photographed while working in the cloisters of the Cathedral at Monreale. Each of the 228 columns of the cloister are unique, and their restoration requires painstaking detail in order to maintain the integrity of the designs from the early 1200s when the peaceful, square colonnade was constructed.

Temple Interrupted

Thought to have been built by a Elymian-Sicilian architect who was influenced by Greek colleagues, this Doric temple at Segesta was constructed between 430 and 420 BC. Scholars believe that it never had a roof put on its 36 limestone columns–perhaps the reason why it is so well-preserved. Very little is understood about for what…