Our May 2016 Tour, Day 7: If Walls Could Talk


If walls could talk, the Duomo of Siracusa would have 2500 years of human history to tell. We know this because its walls are supported by Doric-style columns from an ancient Temple of Athena that was build in the 5th century BC (pictured on the left). During the in the 7th century, when the Byzantines were in power, the Greek temple’s structure was adopted and used as the foundation for the Byzantines’ Christian basilica.

You’ll have free time in the afternoon of Day 7 of Experience Sicily with Chef Melissa Muller (May 19-31, 2016); A perfect opportunity to wander into the Duomo to see this slice of world history up close.

Join us! Contact me by Sunday at 9PM EST at allisonscola@experiencesicily.com and mention “Duomo” for a $300 discount on your trip cost.

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