Saint George And Sicilian Cart Drivers

San Giorgio, pictured on my father’s antique toy cart, is the protector of Sicilian cart drivers. Find out more about this and the pasta recipes named for the drivers this evening during our complimentary Experience Sicily online cooking experience featuring two recipes for Cart Driver’s Pasta. Details and registration at

Recipes For Fresh Garden Tomatoes And Parsley

Your beautious garden tomatoes and fresh farmer’s market parsley can be put to excellent use when you employ these Sicilian Cart Driver’s pasta recipes pictured. I will be hosting a complimentary Experience Sicily cooking meet-up on Monday evening (ET) via Zoom so you’ll learn my tricks to making these dishes de-lish! I’ll also discuss Sicilian…

Ricotta is Right

This beautiful plate of “pasta alla Norma” was my dinner back at the beginning of June in Bagheria, Sicily my grandmother’s hometown. It is the classic Sicilian pasta dish, made with maccheroni (in this case rigatoni) with a light tomato sauce, sautéed (or fried) eggplant, grated salted ricotta, and if available, fresh basil. Please take…

Norma in New York

Tonight I had an opportunity to to enjoy Norma Gastronomia Siciliana in New York City… Another of now, a few, Sicilian focused restaurants in La Grande Mela (The Big Apple). I ate spaghetti al “Rais, ” which is spaghetti alla chitarra Setara (a brand of durum wheat pasta from Naples) with fresh tuna, mint, cherry…

Yes, Couscous.

Seafood couscous is a staple dish of western Sicilian cuisine. This one, pictured, was one of tens of international recipes with different ingredients served at the September 2014 installation of the annual Couscous Fest in San Vito Lo Capo.