Inhale and Exhale In Cefalù

Roger II, my favorite Norman king, fell in love with Cefalù when he took shelter here in a harrowing storm in the early 12th century. As a reward for the citizens’ kindness and hospitality, he commissioned the town’s stirring Arab-Norman cathedral, intending it to be his final resting place. He knew what was good! Take…

In Cerda, Sicily Artichokes, Artichokes Everywhere

Live from Sicily! We mingled with the locals yesterday during the Sagra del Carciofo (Artichoke Festival) in Cerda, Sicily. Food, food, food… Music, dancing, shopping… Artichokes served every which way! Then, an afternoon in the enchanting Cefalù. It was la Festa della Liberazione. Liberation Day, recognizing Italy’s triumph over fascism after the second World War….